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IMPORTANT: Understanding AIR VOLUME FPM(feet per minute)
If you are considering an air curtain, you must understand the amount of air volume to control what you are attempting to prevent. For instance, most County Health Department rules require air curtains on back doors and delivery doors to produce an air flow eight (8) inches thick at the discharge opening and with an air velocity of not less than 1600 FPM (feet per minute) across the entire opening measured at a point three (3) feet below the air curtain." This means that the air flow must be great enough to stop flying insects from entering the doorway. Speak to a professional that understands your needs and can help you purchase the right air curtain for your needs. 866.429.5189
About Air Curtains - Air Doors
Air Curtains save energy by effectively controlling heated or cooled air from being lost through open doorways. Air Curtains are effective in areas where temperatures must be maintained for employee and customer comfort and also to maintain perishable product temperatures such as walk-in coolers and freezers.
There are many applications where air curtains are effective in controlling the entrance of flying insects, dust, smoke and pollutants. offers a variety of units for applications in retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, refrigerated cold storage, clean rooms, warehouse doors and much more. Application Selection is a Master Distributor Mars and Berner air curtains and for many years, we have been able to sell these brands at the lowest prices.
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