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Mars Air Systems manufacturers high quality air curtains that create a seamless barrier of air over any door, window, or opening. Air curtains save energy and inhibit the entry of dust, dirt, and flying insects.

Mars Air Systems manufactures quality air curtains for every application need. Air Curtains create a seamless barrier of air over any door, window, or opening allowing ease of accessibility into and out of the building. Air Curtains are a huge energy savings device as they help to maintain interior building temperatures while doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed. By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, employee productivity increases and energy costs decrease. They also prevent dirt, dust, and fumes from entering and deter flying insects providing a cleaner, more sanitary environment. Specified to fit your unique application and available with a large variety of size, color, and control options, Mars Air Doors and Air Curtains will be the solution you have been looking for. Mars…Over Every Door.

By delivering a constant flow of air across the width of an opening, air curtains create a barrier between two distinct environments and maintain temperature separation. Air Curtains are commonly used in lieu of plastic strips as they are a more energy efficient, sanitary, cost efficient, and safe solution to retaining cooler and freezer temperatures as well as eliminating the need to constantly replace the broken and dirty plastic strips. Applications range from retail to restaurant, warehouse to storage, and drive-thru to walk-ins.

What is an air curtain?

Air curtains / air doors are motorized fans used to separate two spaces from each other with a wall of forced air to inhibit flying insects, temperatures, dust and debris from entering one space to another. Air curtains / air doors can be heated or unheated making for a comfort zone between two spaces with different temperatures. The most common installations are entrances to buildings where temperature can impede with air conditioning and heating; causing elevated energy costs.

Air curtains / air doors use motors with squirrel cages(blower wheels) that create a steady stream of air at various speeds and velocity depending on the type and style of the unit. The stream of air acts like an invisible wall allowing the free ingress and egress of traffic though the opening. Health departments often require air curtains for back doors on restaurants to prevent flies and flying insects from entering the doorway in an effort to maintain a sanitary environment.

Louvers are used to control the direction of the air flow assisting in the performance of the fans. When installed properly and with proper adjustments, flying insects are thrown back to the outside and temperature separation is at its best.

In areas where loading dock doors and delivery doors must remain open for long periods of time, air doors are often used to maintain comfortable temperatures for employee working environments and for energy savings. In colder climates, heated air curtains are often used to add or provide heat where it may be necessary for the operations of the business.

There are many applications for the use of air doors: customer entryways and foyers, coolers and freezers, room separation, equipment conveyors and anywhere control of the environment is necessary.

Noise must be factored in to a decision to use an air curtain. For a customer entryway for example, noise and air volume must be considered. A good rule of thumb is the more power and air volume required to solve an issue, the louder the machine will be. For instance, wind is a big factor along with negative air pressure.(when too much air is being drawn by the HVAC) When people open a door to enter a building outside air is being either blow in with the wind or sucked in by the negative air pressure. An air curtain with the essential air volume must be used to counter this event. Always check the decibel level of an air curtain to ensure the noise level will not disrupt or cause stress to customers.

For industrial applications with high openings, extra power air curtains are required. Air doors can be configured for heights as high as 30 feet. Again, noise level here should be considered. With heights greater than 10 feet, heated air curtains should be steam, hot water or gas fired. The volume of air over electric heated coils is far too excessive for these type units. The air has no opportunity to become heated prior to flowing out the nozzles.

Always check specification sheets for the temperature rise. Temperature rise is where the air curtain draws in the ambient air where it is located , then heats that air and emits it from the nozzles. Temperature rise is measured 4 inches away from the nozzles. For an air curtain drawing in 60 degree ambient air and has a temperature rise of 25 degrees, the air temperature will be 85 degrees 4 inches away from the nozzles. As the air flow continues down, this temperature dissipates until it reaches the threshold.

In many applications, door switches are used to turn the air curtain on and off automatically as the door is opened and closed. This is even more important on back doors for restaurants and delivery and dock doors in industrial applications.

Although air curtains / air doors consume electricity and energy, their can be used for net energy savings by reducing the heating/cooling loss and the recovery time to reheat or cool between the two spaces.

Air curtains / air doors can pay for themselves in other ways by reducing wear on refrigeration coils, maintaining comfortable conditions for employees and customers, reducing the maintenance and wear on HVAC units and of course, saving energy which translates to greater profits.

Mars air curtains, air doors and fly fans are made in Gardena CA in the USA.
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